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Business Services

We offer a variety of services for both small and large companies. Some of those services include, but are not limited to:

Motivational Seminars/Retreats

Becky can provide presentations on any variety of subjects. Our popular seminars are:

Combating the Four Common Time-Wasters

  • Email Management
  • Organizing the Professional
  • The Corporate Athlete
  • Motivating Employees

Get Organized can prepare and tailor a presentation to meet your needs.

Professional Coaching

We offer one-on-one assistance and training. We can help the employee that seems to always be busy, but never really accomplishes anything. With a bit of coaching and training, your employee can be on the path to increased productivity.

Paper Management & Organization

Are you drowning in paperwork? Did you misplace the file from last week's meeting? Get Organized can organize, reorganize, update, and set up your system of files.

Losing or misplacing documents and/or files affects a company's service, sales and overall bottom line. Let Get Organized get your office in order so you can focus on the "business" of your business.

System & Process Evaluations

Many times systems utilized in businesses are not the most efficient or effective for the company. Our System Review service includes a thorough analysis of your current systems while noting recommendations for improvement in productivity.

We offer both forward and reverse system reviews. The forward review involves following a service or product from beginning to end. On the other hand, a reverse system review begins with a problem area and tracing its steps backwards. The reverse system review allows us to identify the system breakdown so suggestions for improvement can be made.

When processes are not efficient, it can cost the company thousands of dollars. Businesses who implement even minor changes in their systems can realize dramatic increases in productivity.

Time Management

Because the average office worker receives more than 200 incoming communications each day, it is critical for all employees to have an effective system for managing their time. Get Organized has a variety of time management strategies and techniques that can be personalized for you or your employees.

Not only do we help your business get organized, but we also help you to realize an increase in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Initial Consultation: 2 hours $75

For Business Projects (Larger Businesses/Corporations)
fees are $39 per hour thereafter with per project negotiable rates available. If the organizing job requires multiple organizers, the fees are as follows:

  • $74/hour (two organizers….a $4/hour savings)
  • $112/hour (three organizers…a $10/hour savings)

For Smaller Businesses:
GO fees are as follows:

  • $34 per hour = one organizer.
  • $64/hour = 2 organizers (savings of $4/hr)
  • $97/hour = 3 organizers (savings of $5/hr)

Speaking Fees:
Speaking fees vary per engagement depending on length of presentation and subject matter addressed.

We offer investment options from $99 to $249 depending on the customization and type of presentation sought. One may also consider our complimentary presentation covering the foundation principles of organizing and an open format for addressing topics of interest to those present. With this presentation, we do require the opportunity to promote our business services to the audience.

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