Clear the Garage Floor



By: Becky Esker, President, Get Organized! LLC

 After the harsh sand, snow and salt from this winter, your garage is craving a makeover. If you haven’t already done so, now is the right time to clear out and clean up! 

This job is best attacked when you can devote an entire day to it or at the least, three to four hours. Gather the troops and distribute the brooms, rags and latex gloves.

You will want to begin by clearing everything out of the garage. After backing out all motorized vehicles, move out the other large items such as bicycles, wagons, lawnmowers, and so forth. Take care to sort items as you pull them out of the garage.

Remember the Organizing Techniques:

1)      Group like items together

2)      Contain each group of like items

3)      Label contained items

4)      Create a home for everything and everything in its home

Continue to remove each and every item, box, and bag, and so on while carefully sorting the items into like groups on the driveway or lawn. Take care to throw away or recycle those items that are truly trash or do not work.  Grab an empty box and label it “give away.”  In this box, you will toss items you no longer need, want, or have any plans to use. Be ruthless!  

Once the garage is emptied, do some serious sweeping, scrubbing and hosing. This may sound like a great deal of work and it’s probably, as my kids would say…. gross, but you will love how wonderfully fantastic you will feel once your garage is cleaned up.

Now it’s time to move the “keepers” back into the garage while respecting rules 2, 3, and 4 of the Organizing Techniques above. Concentrate on keeping things stored up and off the floor as it makes maneuvering about the garage much easier.

After your garage is all cleared out and cleaned up, do not stop there. Your job is not done! Grab your “give away” box and deliver it to your favorite charity.

Pat yourself on your back for getting your garage cleaned out and organized and for helping others by donating your unused items.

Now jump in the shower and enjoy the rest of your spring day!


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Becky Esker is a Certified Professional Organizer, owner of Get Organized! LLC, speaker and the forthcoming author of "2 Minutes to Organization: The Simplest Way to Get Organized."

Ms. Esker is available for local, regional, and national professional speaking engagements, seminars, retreats, and trainings. She is an experienced, energetic, and dynamic nationwide speaker. As a certified professional organizer and entrepreneur, Ms. Esker possesses specialized expertise in Chronic Disorganization, Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client, and Business Productivity Management. As an author and instructor, Ms.Esker is uniquely suited to create custom tailored results-driven presentations that engage and inform the audience while addressing today's hot topics in the business, corporate, personal, and residential organizing arena.  She is a regular contributor to The Edge Business Magazine and City Revealed.




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